Two and a half years of living with Mom

Elizabeth Valenzuela's Mom

Elizabeth's Mom

My memoir is about a touching, emotional, stressful journey and adventure of heart and spirit against all odds. It is about a daughter and a mother who never had the chance to work things out in love, until one day her mom comes to her home to visit and stays to die. It is about how we take life for granted and that God will provide the challenges that we need when we are really open to take them and listen from the heart, and how God keeps sending neon signs to see if we are open enough to pay attention and to be aware of those challenges to get us to see the light in love. It is about courage, strength and the determination that it takes when you are truly ready within to transform and heal. It is about my intention, coming from my place of love, to be able to help and assist others based on real experiences and give you simple tools and examples for your soul/karma as daily practice. It is about helping children of all ages and adults. It is about learning in the process how to create openings to be committed to heal from within. It is about putting aside your little boy/girl fear/ego/demon we carry all the time that makes us react in so many ways and obstruct the voice within the heart. This demon comes in all different type of sources that we do not even realized it when is happening. The only way I can assist others in this journey of happiness within is to share my true experience with you all through my book, which all come to happen in “Two and a half years of living with Mom”.

Below you’ll find an excerpt of the opening chapter:

The Armoir

I cannot recall happy memories of Mom. They seem diluted by time. Maybe it is because we barely lived together. Not enough time to experience life. However, all that was going  to change, Mom was going to live with me. Then she died.

I know somewhere deep inside me, up to when I was two years old, I had a sense of love  for her.

Elizabeth Valenzuela at 5 years old

Elizabeth 5 years old - Queen of Ants

Looking back, I vaguely remember Mom placing me in the closet of my “Abuelita’s” bedroom. I was crying none stop. Shortly after my Aunt Sonita came in, with her angelical tone of voice and at the same time embraced me in her arms, sat me on her lap then she said. “Elisita” sweetie. I stop crying. I love you so my darling, we are having some growing up problems but we are taking care of them. It will take sometime, not too long sweetie, we need you to make not noise and be still in abuelita’s closet. How about it Elisita, I promise you darling it all be all right, and please do not be afraid. Remember only a short time, we will come back and get you.

I could hear loud voices talking at the same time, with not meaning to me, curling down still tied and afraid.

Grandmother’s clothing were falling down on my back and her scent surrounded me keeping me company, I felt strange energy deep inside me. I did not know about the capacity to experience such intensity all at the same time and why? My aunt words kept resonating in me. You will be safe sweetie, darling do not be afraid, I love you it will not be long, it will not be long. I kept myself safe.

I was told much later by Sonita that Mom was worried and upset because my Dad threaten them to burn down the house and forcefully take us away from her.