Welcome to True Balance Today

The journey of spiritual healing and holistic health is a great adventure when we brake through understanding ourselves, coming from a true place of love and awareness in our daily lives. I welcome you to my passions as an artist, a writer of children books and my memoir Two and a half years of living with mom, a work in progress.

My purpose is to create a platform with your help as a reader, taking a moment with a breath of life I will assist you by moving you within with suggestions and insights about what it takes to build moment by moment True Balance Today in your lives. It is about courage and strength, being committed to you heart and following it with that intention and focus.

Elizabeth Valenzuela with horsesTherefore, I am excited to offer a monthly newsletter based on the true meaning of the principles of holistic living, Elizabeth’s Holistic Notes for You and Your Pet. The message is about a spiritual approach to healthy living, providing you with the opportunity to ask questions, and for me to make suggestions and give the answers you need in a simple way, about Holistic Nutrition, Alternative Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine.

One day, in the near future, you can refer to my book when published. I will be able to assist you in creating the tools you need by awakening your hearts and reinventing the possibilities of peace mind within. To regain the trust by reclaiming our right in love versus fear/ego. No matter how hard it has been in your life, Moms possess a gift of love as the master tool for your healing.